CafeTran training

CafeTran can be a good solution for you, when you are looking for a CAT tool for your Mac.

I am available as a trainer for CafeTran on Mac, either via Skype, TeamViewer or at your location. You are also very welcome to visit me at my office in Tilburg:


Click here to read the script of my webinar on CafeTran's unique features

Igor Kmitowski, CafeTran's developer:

Hans Lenting is a German-Dutch translator who has been working with CafeTran for a few years. During this period, he has acquired vast knowledge and experience with the application starting and running CafeTran's Wiki Help site at By now, he has given a lot of training sessions via Skype, TeamViewer and at his office. He has also done recordings about CafeTran at With no doubt, he is a CafeTran expert qualified to train CafeTran users in German, English and his native Dutch.

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